Hot & Cold Hammer Therapy

The hammer has multiple functions and benefits for the skin, especially for facials. The hammer has two main functions, the heat acts directly on the skin relaxing the muscles, improving and stimulating the blood circulation and opening the pores. The opposite side of the transmitter, applies cold on the treated areas, helping to reduce wrinkles and softening the skin.


But what else can we use it for? Although its most widespread function is to open the pores prior to a skin cleansing, it can also be used to activate the cells before undergoing some types of operations by opening the pores and then closing them.


Using the hammer in cold mode is also very beneficial after diamond dermabrasion treatments, helping to close the pores and smooth the skin. For the peeling treatments, the cold helps to soothe the skin and reduce the redness. The hot mode of the hammer helps the absorption of nutrients to the skin.  


Among the most outstanding benefits of the cold-heat hammer is relaxation. Applying the heat of the hammer on the skin relaxes the muscles and reduces the stress, at the same time improves the circulatory system.


In many cases the infected pores can be a real nuisance for the sufferer, that is why the hammer heats the pores of the face to facilitate cleaning, eliminate toxins, excess fat and bacteria. By opening the pores of both the face and the rest of the body, it helps our body absorb better treatments, such as face and body masks.


Another great benefit of the cold transmitter is its effectiveness in smoothing the skin, soothe irritation and help reduce inflamed skin. On the other hand, the hammer improves the elasticity of the skin, tightening and softening wrinkles. Also, it contracts the blood vessels of the face and improves the skin that has been subjected to excessive sun exposure.


The cold-heat transmitter is an ideal device to strengthen ultrasound treatments, phototherapy, injecting, mesotherapy, among others, in order to improve the client’s experience and increase the duration of treatments.



Treatment Cost
Circulation Booster Express Facial (heat therapy) £50.00
Hydro Boost Express Facial (cryo therapy) £50.00
Cryo Firming Facial £65.00
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